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as the killer is still at large. >>> a maryland woman who lost her son is gathering in baltimore county with 100 others and they're sending out a strong new message. here are the details. >> reporter: right back here, they're having a stop the violence ceremony and all of the people you're seeing, everyone inside the pavilion has been muched by violence ela victim. this is organized by the mother of one crime victim, the murder of austin, that happened in 2008 in the harford county area. his mother sparked into action and she's holding these stop the violence memorials every year. these people are here gathering to pray, to remember and to spread an important message. >> the violence has got to stop. we've come together to show that even though they're gone and they may have been gone many years now, they're not forgotten. they never will be. >> we have to keep it up. it won't stop accept for us trying to keep it in the for front. >> reporter: well, the ceremony has ended and the party music started and these guys are having a great time here for the rest of the evening. they plan to take the me
maryland. down on the ocean there were floods today. >> that's right. michael sent us hese snapshots. water look at what is in stooe for tomorrow. >>reporter: how do we spell reeief? this point in the last six weeks since june 1st, we should be around five inches. with today's hhlf inch we are still in a ittle bit, we'll see if -pthose triple digits miggt be n our seven-day forecast. >>> remember. you can track temppraturesstooped 100 degreess extreme heat proved deadly. ten people died of 3 1 heat-related causess including one in baltimore, where a woman was found inside a home with no air conditioning. the room was about 90 degrees. relief today came not only with the rain for one east baltimore woman, but she was theerecipient of 3 c1 heat-generated generosity. myrandaastephens reports. >> it helps a lot. a wholee lot. >>reporter: it's like christmas in july for ann harris. >> she's a got gift. a ift %% >>reporterr we first met harris on thursday in a fox 45 interview about the deadly heat. >> you feel dizzy and weak. >>>eporter: the 57-yeaa old >> my heart just went
:08. university of maryland students are digging up a whole lot off ho hostly how the owners took to fine the statue. fine the statue. >> first, a live knock, knock. hey! it's finally ready. [ female announcer ] just because a counter looks clean, doesn't mean it is clean. but with one sheet of new bounty, you'll have confidence in your clean. in this lab test, just one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface three times cleaner than the bargain brand. want confidence that your surfaces can get really clean? even with just one sheet. bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. new bounty. the clean picker upper. and for huge value? try new huge roll. >> the humidity at 90%. but that's going down. wref a lot of rain in our seven-day forecast. the much needed rain we had yesterday is heading off the coast. it came just in time. the fire danger was getting high. it was welcome for sure. it kept temperatures down in the 80's. skies are beginning to clear. with the front that triggered all of that up the coast now, it's not really going to cool things off but there is a less massive
: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: comments@captioncolorado.com >>> a maryland homeowner involved in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. tonight, we have new reaction from his baltimore county neighbors. >>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. one of the high-profile russian prisoners is back on u.s. soil and may be returning to his home in comeysville. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: many are wrapping their heads around the fact that one of the prisoners could be returning to the state to live. 59-year-old alexander spent the past seven years in a russian prison. on friday, the former kgb colonel flew into dulles international airport. he's one of four convicted of spying for the west, released by moscow in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. thousands of miles away, quiet cockeysville is what he called home since 1997. he once lived in this upscale private community on high field court and still owns a house on willow vista way where his son and family live where neighbors can't believe an espionage drama has any baltimo
in the day developing story. maryland state police are on the manhunt for suspect that they say let a traffic stop in annapolis. he was pulled over a long easter group 50. he hopped out of the car and ran into a wooded areas south of south haven road. the billy the unidentified man maybe our. if a police helicopter and dogs were seen as searching the neighborhood. officials have not provided a description of the suspect. tonight, three men are recovering after two separate shootings in west baltimore. that happened around 2:00 a.m. there were stopped at franklin avenue in -- franklin street and pennsylvania avenue. one man is in critical condition and the other is expected to survive. the second she was around 11:30 a.m. on shields place -- the second shooting was around 11:30 a.m. he was shot several times. if you have intermission, you are asked to call the baltimore city police. -- if you had any information, you are asked to call. bp reports progress on putting a larger cap. if this works, it could mean significant improvements on containing the oil spewing from the damage to break. lee a
in silver spring, maryland, a fan long before he had enough money to pay for a ticket to see a fight. >> i wanted to become muhammad ali. you know, fourth grade. >> reporter: the oldest of five children, joe was always a scrapper. >> my first fight, god, i was probably four, five years old. >> reporter: from an early age he fell he had to defends himself and his mother against an abusive father. >> i was afraid of him. >> reporter: a trashed box of kid-sized boxing gloves led to a new venture. >> i got the whole neighborhood, put them in my backyard. i thought that by virtue of the fact i owned the gloves, i would be the best guy out there. and this kid whipped up on me like there was no tomorrow. >> reporter: by then joe's father was gone most of the time. >> my father left home when -- were in seventh grade. >> reporter: make nothingly payments to keep her kids in catholic school, joe's mother was proud when show graduated from st. john's military academy. and went on to mt. st. mary's college in maryland. but he was kicked out of college for fighting freshman year. so he decided then to
at the university of maryland back in march. dissidents were arrested following a rowdy celebration. -- students were arrested following a rowdy celebration. a lawyer representing six others said that five of charges were dropped. those charges will still move forward. three people were injured this morning when flames broke out of home in baltimore county. by your kreuz responded shortly after 10:00. -- fire crews responded shortly after 10:00. the fire started in the basement where crews believe there was some sort of explosion. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it took firefighters 30 minutes to put up the flavors at an apartment building in northwest baltimore. the fire started on the sixth floor of the strass mthmore towr building. an elderly woman was taken to bayview medical center to be treated for burns. no word on what sparked the fire. earlier firefighters were called to the 2300 block of jordan hill ave. we're told the home is occupied and no one was home at the time. the cause remains under investigation. bge crews were called after a car director of the gas line.
>>> good morning, everyone. a maryland home ener is at the center of the biggest international spy flop since the cold war. next on wjz eyewitness news, i'll tell you exactly how and what people are saying about it. >>> environmental battle, a federal lawsuit is filed against a baltimore steel plant. did the company pollute area water ways. >> the birds were in texas taking on the rangers. find out if the winning streak continues. taking a live look outside, we got some much-needed rain yesterday. what about the rest of the weekend? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. >>> and the 5k will begin in seconds. i'm sharon gibala live off reisterstown road where the miles that matter race is just about to begin. details coming up. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures comfortably in the 70s this morning. much more comfortable morning than we had yesterday. a little rain yesterday through the area. all of the rain is gone to answer your qu
on the map. mid-60s from frederick, maryland, to leesburg, virginia. 62 in winchester. as we widen out the view, along the eastern seaboard, a pocket of absolutely cooler air far western maryland, the change in dewpoints is the measure of moisture in the atmosphere, a little bit of a drying trend. as a result, with high pressure in charge, a west to northwesterly wind will mix out more and more of the humidity. a beauty of a sunday coming up today. lots of sunshine. a somewhat stormier weather pattern coming our way into the week. that's good news. we still need the rainfall around here. for today, bright sunshine with high pressure in charge. that area of high pressure slides off the eastern seaboard overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. it opens up the flood gates to atlantic and gulf moisture. as a result as we get through the course of the day on monday, a slight chance for a shower late in the damon, especially monday night. but i think tuesday will be our busier day. main area of risk for severe weather. it moves towards us for tuesday. so your forecast on a beautiful sund
cleared up. >> reporter: from what i understand, maryland state police is on the scene and in the lead. at this point, they're waiting for tow trucks to clear the road of the vehicles involved in the collision. >> laura with the maryland state highway administration. thanks a lot for that report. >> reporter: thank you, bruce. >>> tonight, oil is being allowed to flow freely in the gulf of mexico. workers are in the middle of an operation to switch caps on top of that broken well. the old cap is off. in its place will go a tighter dome supposed to funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface. terrell brown reports the latest solution should take two days, if all goes well. >> reporter: the broken oil well at the bottom of the gulf is in free flow. the cap that was holding back some of the oil was removed saturday afternoon to clear the way for a new tighter-fitting seal. b.p. is also working to hookup a third containment ship to the well. the combination of a third ship and the new cap could contain the spill as early as monday. what b.p. so desperately wants and needs. >> we tak
, the race for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, who was governor of maryland and chose michael steele to be his running mate, is going to be pilloried because michael steele is being attacked a republican in shoe leather, including charles krauthammer. this the kind of judgment you have, to pick up michael steele? >> it does not help barack obama. his bold, is still -- his poll numbers still stink. >> republicans should be triumphant and michael still has the back on their heels. people said, oh, he is great on message. that is not how it turned out. we have gone back and forth on this call. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we change that this week, and michael steele is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the year or republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, and discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on each. they have michael steele, they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis tho an ant and the congressman whose name escapes me -- >> joe barton prepar.
to the foreclosure crisis. it is still hitting hard in our area. maryland has one of the nation's highest foreclosure ranks. maryland ranks in the top ten with 1 in every 399 households facing foreclosure. here's a twist that might surprise you. tens of thousands of people have stopped paying their mortgage but do expect to stay for months or even years. nabs's mike taibe explains how they are taking advantage of the system. >> reporter: when the recession squeezed allen's pest control and restoration business down to almost nothing, he and his wife susan faced a decision, continue to pay their adjustable rate mortgage that ballooned to $2,000 a month or -- >> not pay the house for a while. save the job. have a place to live for six months, a year, year and a half. >> reporter: same choice of alexander greg whose painting job dried up. he's still in his home even though he stopped paying his mortgage 18 months ago. >> buys me some time to be able to go to school and look towards the future. >> reporter: there's a name for what's happening. strategic default. the home owner decided to simply stop payi
. >>> the news edge in maryland and a bizarre bank robbery. a man held up the wachovia bank on king farm boulevard this morning. he wore a motorcycle helmet but drove off in a black corvette. witnesses say he also waved a handgun. nick oswald was there as the robber walked into the bank. >> he told me to get on the ground. i was thinking about something in a movie or tv show where they tell you to stay calm and get as much information as you can about the suspect so you can give it to the cops later and that's kind of what i was doing. >> he says the man walked out of the bank with the helmet still o. police are still looking for a black corvette the manual may have driven away in. >>> a wild ride for metro passengers. a 19-year-old man jumped into a bus friday at the bladensburg lot and just took off. he even picked up passengers on the b-2 route toward anacostia. police say william jackson had a fascination with buses. no one realized he was a phony driver till he tore off a tree limb in southeast. >> mr. jackson wore an entire complete uniform. he was wearing dark trousers at the time
especializada en diabetes y obesidad de la universidad de maryland.
, jonathan seerie, fox news. >>> is there something at fort deidrich in frederick, maryland that's causing cans near people who live nearby? it's a question hundreds of people are asking. many of them have been diagnosed with the disease and they full sure there is a connection, but is there evidence? fox 5's roz plater takes a closer look at what is going on. >> reporter: there is a fighting for frederick campaign take has been organized by a family that is battling cancer. they also claim to have found more than 200 other folks who are also suffering from cancer, all of whom live within a few miles of a fort deidrich army base. dozens of those concerned families packed a town hall meeting in frederick, many asking if the cancers in their families are somehow connected to the fort deidrich army base. the gathering was organized by the kristin renee foundation named for a 30-year-old mother who died of an aggressive form of brain cancer two years ago. now her mother is battling an aggressive form of kidney cancer. they think there may be some sort of environmental pollution from the base.
in manassas. th thurmont maryland, 73. look at the radar, no rain around us, go right over the chesapeake bay bridge, look at that. thunderstorms in and around dover delaware, down toward milford still dry for ocean city. little area of low pressure getting going off the coast. as it continues to spin, that's what's throwing the moisture back in the thunderstorms into delaware. we don't need to worry about those. they'll work their way offshore, sunday will be a beauty around here. we'll be on the front side of that high tomorrow, that means relatively cool, pleasant northwesterly breeze. highs tomorrow upper 80s to near 90. it will be july warm, it won't be as humid as it's been. a little ripple in the atmosphere comes our way by monday night. we'll enhance our chances by rain and thunderstorms. partly cloudy, the rain is over, getting up tomorrow morning, 62 in the western suburbs to 72 around town. for tomorrow, mostly sunny, less humid, pleasant tomorrow with highs 85 to 90. if tomorrow's your breakaway day for the beach, sunshine tomorrow and monday. beautiful weather at the beaches for
driver behind the wheel. more water woes in maryland. >> it is ironic how these things are happening at once. >> the cutbacks are not over yet. >> of 54 cheaper housing -- protesters send a message -- a fight for cheaper housing -- the protesters send a message. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> a house fire turned deadly, breaking out around 7:30 this evening. police officers discovered the fire and tried to enter the home, but the heavy smoke and flames kept them out. the firefighters arrived moments later. and that the firefighters made an aggressive attack on the fire. they found one person and then another -- two adult females were removed from the building, unconscious. >> the women were pulled from the home. one victim was in her '60's or 70's. the other victim was resuscitated and is in critical condition tonight. more than 100 firefighters were on the scene. one firefighter had minor burns. two more suffered heat exhaustion. the home had smoke detectors, but it is unclear if they
rockville, maryland residence. they lifted water restrictions at noon today. and those restrictions had been in place because of a broken 24- inch water main. repairs have been made out here on friday. and that lead to the extend water restriction until today. still ahead on 9news now tonight. >>> efforts to contain the gulf oil spill is contained under the way. along the gulf coast, a reason to celebrate today. we'll, plain what this is all about come -- we'll explain what this is all about coming up. >>> back here in our area, a huge effort to make things easier for our crews when 9news now returns. >>> crews say that they are making progress under the new cap that had ruptured the well and they hope that it will be completed in the next couple of days. terrell brown reports that while the work continues this evening that jimmy buffet about to give a new free concert. >> reporter: bp said that one of the two relief wells permanently to stop the gulf oil spill will be at the end of their operations. the first one is about six feet away from the oil well. they are hoping to have the new cont
cancer rates are lower than in the statewide average in maryland. doesn't have more to suggest that there is a need for fort detrick's neighbors to be concerned. more could provide answers. >> no response from fort detrick. that community meeting was to be held yesterday. >>> the debate to add long distance flights to reagan national is heating up again. >> they are purchasing for congress. and more planes means more noise. we decided to find out for ourselves. we will find out how noisey it is. >> towards this this is the task force. >> when it flies further, it carries more fuel and it is heavier on takeoff. >> as is true. the majority of instances and recording audio books in the home studio says engine noise drowns out the birds chirping. but bleed through his sound proof walls. >> while it is solid construction and double drywall claims, there goes one right now, they are the worse. passengers heading to asks and california leak the idea of more cross country flights. >> couple more would be nice. >> at dangerfield island weigh caught them taking off at 80 decibals. >> tha
of the $150 million approved from congress and the matching funds from d.c., maryland and virginia. >>> it is day 83 of the disaster in the gulf now and more oil, hundreds of thousands of gallons, is being allowed to spill into the gulf. crews are putting a new cap on the gusher. it allows the oil to pour into the water and the hope is the new cap will stop the leak completely. we have more from grand isle, lousiana. >> reporter: work underway in the gulf to put a new cap over the spewing oil well. engineers on the surface are maneuvering under water robots to place the dome off the leak nicknamed top hat number 10. the process is expected to take between 4-7 days, during part of the time an estimated 5 million gallons of crude could gush out into the water. >> but there will be a multi day period while we are putting the new containment cap on where there would be some exposure of hydrocarbons into the environment. >> reporter: the new cap will funnel more oil to collection ships on the water surface with a tighter cap under the sea, and with ships above, officials hope it could s
and $150 million in matching funds from d.c., maryland and virginia. >>> questions tonight about thousands of dollars paid out by d.c. public schools to a tutoring service with ties to the founder of the church of scientology. federal law requires that failing public schools provide free tutoring to parents but concerned parents contacted us about one of the groups approved for tutoring by the d.c. office by the state superintendent of education. melanie alnwick has the exclusive report. >> reporter: look on the d.c. superintendent's web page and you'll find a list of tutoring providers that parents of students in failing schools can chose from. one. the approved groups is called applied scholastics international, a group with ties to scientology. fox 5 has discovered dcps paid the group a total ofin federal funds on november 16, 2009 and more recently on march 15. the group's website says it's a nonprofit public benefit organization formed in 1972. its tutoring method is called study technology. it was developed by the church of scientology founder elron hubbard. the job of applied schola
: there is a rematch in terms of governments -- governors in maryland, bob ehrlich trying to reclaim his seat from martin o'malley. in california there's a lot of concentration on jerry brown, who served in the 1970's through the 1980's, trying to come back in -- against meg whitman, who last cal spent $81 million of her own money to become governor. guest: that is right. and she will be spending $120 million before it is all over. there have been candidates in the past in california that have spent hugely and lost. michael huffington and darrell i saw come to mind. it is not any guarantee that she will win. democrats think that they have a fairly good shot because she has moved to the right to win her primary and because voters in primary may not think it is time for an outsider. they tried that with governor arnold schwarzenegger. the experience may not be negative for former governor brown. it is not a great landscape for democrats. but there are some bright spots and possibilities. host: we spoke to congressman beryl eisa -- darryl isa, he was asked about the immigration issue and the impact i
say where i'm coming from, i hope you'll appreciate this. governor o'malley brags about maryland being first in the education and he should brag about it. it is something that he should never take for granted. we're tenth. who would have believed a few years ago arkansas would be tenth in those rankings? and what's wha that's done is it's changed both inside and outside our state the image and the view. and the relationship and it's from high-tech, it's from the hewlett packards and the versance of the world and all those jobs to the manufacturing sector where we've created over 25,000 new jobs in the midst of this recession. it is the combination that he was talking about. and increasing what we already have and not forgetting our existing businesses at the same time though that we try to attract new ones. it's all of the microthing that is everyone is talking about. it's what the governor was talking about about keeping your people in your state. but you've got to be able to educate them and provide the good jobs so they don't go to atlanta or baltimore to get a good job. it's all of
about maryland being first in the education rankings. he should be proud. it is something that he should not take for granted. we're 10th. who would have believed, a few years ago, arkansas would be tent in those rankings? what it has done is change to both inside and outside our state the image and the view and the relationship -- it is from high tech, and hewlett-packard, verizon, all of those jobs, to the manufacturing sector, where we have created over 25,000 jobs -- new jobs. with increased what we -- we have increased what we already have an attractive new business. it is all the micra things everyone is talking about. -- micro things that everyone is talking about. you keep people in your state. you educate them. you provide good jobs. yet is all of the individual things that everybody is talk -- is all of the individual things that everybody is talking about. -- it is all of the individual things that everybody is talking about. education is key to economic development -- cradle to grave. pre-k, workforce training, retraining. if you have one single thing to point to as a state,
's an interesting book, i think it was rine hart and ro golf, professor from the university of maryland and from harvard who wrote a book "this time it's different" which chronicles the last years of history and once you get to 90% of debt to gdp, really bad things happen to one's economy. and we're close to that number. aren't we too late given the fact that the president isn't engaged and we're still at the commission level? >> alan said he couldn't quite hear. >> i have a hearing aid, but i would left it in the hotel. and somehow, the reverb ration, i can hear all that here but i don't quite get the corner. so it was a tough question and therefore i'll give it toers kin. >> we finish each other's sentences, we have dinner together the two of us all the time. we are partners completely. all good questions governor sanford, there are lots of skeptics. some commissions have worked, some haven't. al served on one that worked very well on the iraq study commission where i think now 59 of the recommendations have been adopted. as i said, i did personally negotiate the first balanced budget in our g
manage and i think the system is not going anywhere. host: last call for neil irwin comes from maryland. caller: good morning. america replaced england at the end of world war ii. we have been the reserve currency. from 1945 to 1987 we were the worl credit agency. america became the world's debt nation. china has $789 billion of american dead. a few months ago, they refused to hold it. japan took a dislike. now channel now china on the $750 billion. the biggest mistake is moving from the dollar to thgold standard -- from the gold standard. in 1933-1934, that is one of the main reasons we nt to war against iraq. petroleum is done through the dollar. they were going to change it to the euro. frnkfurt, germany, holds the second load of gold. host: we will leave it there. guest: the u.s. is a reserve currency, is that as we took over from britain. this is a blessing and a curse. people use dollars when they want to exchange. when things looked shaky, people pour money into dollars. that is what has happened. once a month in india by india -- buys oil from saudi arabia, the exchange in doll
slogan from chas in maryland, get yourself up early and wake up your kin, it's time for "fox & friends" with clayton, dave and alisyn. ♪ >> it's "fox & friends." >> that's great! chas is up early and you are, too, good morning everybody. >> if you're not, you are now. don't adjust your set. >> i thought i'd wake you up with the suit. >> yesterday i was wearing a great suit and said we love the suit, but kind of of look like peewee herman. >> what do i look like then. >> i had white shoes on. >> i think it looks good. >> a tweet from blue devil who says i've taken up medicine, my doctor's coat. >> nothing can compare to steve doocy's seersucker he looked like the member of a barber shop quartet, you're fashionable. >> we've got a lot of news, i'm clayton morris, alisyn camerota and matlock. it's now day 83, the ticker keeps rolling and perhaps some good news this morning as crews have removed that cap that was down there only containing about 15,000 gallons of oil a day. which estimates are about 60,000 gallons could be flooding into the gulf as we speak. and this new cap putting on
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